October 25, 2008

Here's an update about the animation project "Butterfly on a Wheel", check it out and tell me what u think ^_^

October 24, 2008


My Vision of the identity
This is Andres concept about the congress,
(one of my teammates)

Here's a little update about the course of the identity project, we have 2 propositions now, and one left from Hector's (another teammate) and its looking pretty good so far, we hope to get approved for the congress identity so we can start working in a much more complex and fun campaign, in the meanwhile we'll keep commin up with some ideas... c ya!

Suggested Logotype for the annual
a! diseño/itson congress

We've been workin on an identity for the upcoming a! congress next year, here's one of the possible to be logotype of the congress, its based on the Pygmalion effect concept and the sumatory of all the diverse ramifications of graphic design, i'll post some more stuff later, for now i guess its time for me to sleeep ^_^, c ya around!

The Kabluy

Cartel size tabloid 11"x17"
technique used watercolors & ink.

Alo there!, this is a regular school work, i choose to work with watercolors because, basically its the only thing i know jeje, besides prismacolor :P, anyway its a little bit of my own thechnique casue i dont really know if thats the right way to use watercolors and mixin ink and stuff, so i just work the way i like ^_^ enjoy.

October 21, 2008

"Butterfly On a Wheel" animation

hello there, I've been workin on a skool project for about a month, its an animation using Adobe's Flash software, the plot its not very deep or complicated, just a couple of scenes about some butterfly, maybe ill kill her maybe i wont, its not decided yet ^_^. So in the meanwhile ill post some of the sketches and screens i've been doin, i'll post the full video animation when its done :)...

October 19, 2008

nice weekend

After almost a month of not comming to my hometown, im here, and sure its nice, i had a family breakfast with my grampas and all, after taking some time to relax im back to work, im thinkin, creating and sketching some of the concept ilustrations im goin to use in my lattest skool project, its about makin an identity for the upcomming "a! congress" next year, we have our deadline by october 27th, so we better get in to it... fast! ^_^. Ill post some of the sketches when im done, so c u soon then...

October 18, 2008

This is the final vector illustration of Nickelodeon's Invader Zim

Here u can c what its all about, all the vector lines needed to complete the vector image.

I made this vector illustration back in 2005, it was my first official attempt of using Adobe's Illustrator software, it was a real fun and satisfying experience it took me like a week to get used to it and then a hole afternoon vectoring the sketches, its absolutely amazing what u can do with this software, sometime in the future ill post some of my favorite artists works so we can all enjoy :p ...until next time

alo, alo everyone

ok, im new to this stuff and i dont have that much time so, ill try to keep it frecuent. The main objective of all this its to post some of my works and hoppefuly recieve some feedback, good or bad it doesnt matter cause u can always learn sometin valuable, so.. i think its all for now and c u soon ^_^